Access Groups
Small groups that meet in private homes to fellowship around the discussion of God’s Word.   Bible based workbooks and other tools are used to enhance the learning experience and increase intimacy with God.   


Accounting processes tithes, offerings and other assigned expenditures and relays the information to Chitwood & Chitwood, our third party accounting firm that oversees our financial matters to ensure KDC’s IRS compliance, excellence, integrity and accountability in all matters of finance.


The Kingdom Dominion Church Administration Ministry is responsible for official church records, the coordination of church calendar events, supports each church ministry as requested and assists the Pastor’s office as directed. Admin is also responsible for maintaining church membership demographics.

Academic Excellence and Support
(AES)The AES Ministry seeks to promote the ongoing development of a learning and academic culture.  This ministry reinforces the attainment of educational excellence, college degrees, skill acquisition, and personal development.  This is accomplished through programs for students and parents, financial support for students, and the exploration of opportunities for advancement.


Altar Ministry
The Altar Ministry (AM) responds to specific prayer requests, before and after morning services.  Individuals encounter a focused altar ministerwho exhibits gentleness, tact, respect and spiritual effectiveness.


This ministry is responsible for all live anointed music at KDC, which includes music for the praise and worship, dance and drama.  Their goal is to ensure that congregational, vocal and instrumental music glorifies God and creates a glory-filled worship experience.

Big Day Ministry   

This ministry organizes schedules and coordinates church events, celebrations, and functions.  Big Day is responsible for transforming a vision into an exciting event to remember.


Bookstore Ministry
The KDC Bookstore Ministry serves the congregation and visitors with an opportunity to purchase faith-based, spiritual, Christian and inspirational materials and products.


Camera Ministry
The Camera ministry takes pictures at all ministry functions, including special events.  This team captures still shots which convey fun-filled moments and spiritual encounters for all to enjoy.   


Community Assistance Program (CAP)
To parallel the vision of Kingdom Dominion Church, CAP equips individuals with the resources needed during their transition.  CAP recipients receive once during a twelve (12) month period.


Children’s Church
The purpose of our Children’s Ministry, King’s Kidz, is to teach the truths of the Bible to the children in a fun, interesting and age-appropriate manner.


Cooks 4 Christ Ministry
Cooks for Christ provides food for church-wide events and to support members in need by proving meal deliveries.


Dance Ministry
The dance ministry offers worship to the Lord through dance.  This team visually represents the release of divine imagination, encouraging and refreshing the worshipper to believe.


Drama Ministry
This ministry provides an amazing opportunity to share the gospel through the creative avenue of Drama.  Every skit, sketch or production begins with a script written by an inspired writer, bringing life and inspiration to those who believe.   


 Elevate Ministry (Elev8)
This ministry is designed for our middle school aged students.  Elev8 is a place where students gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word, establish friendships with peers in KDC, and continue the exploration of the path God has ordained for them.


The Emerge ministry, focused towards our high school students is designed to reach teens in our community for Christ. We offer environments and opportunities for teens to encounter God, apply scripture to their everyday life, and connect with other teens.  It’s a great place to be encouraged and challenged as teens strive to be a Christian example in their schools, families, and communities.


E-Ministry supports KDC’s Web presence, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and parts that function inside this ministry outreach through XP Their goal is to expand the Kingdom’s footprint to reach a global audience.


KDC Greeters share the love of Jesus with smiles, hugs and handshakes with all who enter our church doors.  This team, through the love of God, helps set the tone for the upcoming worship experience.


Intake & Retention (I&R)
When it comes to growing a healthy church, the objective is to focus on the people whom God sends.  Intake and Retention helps perspective and new members get plugged in and grow.  


Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Prayer is the foundation of any successful church or ministry organization. At Kingdom Dominion Church, we believe that the “effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much,” as James 5:16 teaches.  This team conducts prayer prior to and during worship services.


The purpose of this ministry is to ensure mechanical items work properly.  The Maintenance team also responds to exterior requirements for lighting and related needs.  See Appendix for Work Request Form.


Marriage Ministry
This ministry provides tools to couples for improving their relationship with each other and with God.  Their goal is to honor God’s ordination by empowering couples through the love of Jesus Christ to maintain and restore marriages.  


Men’s Ministry
Our men’s ministry is dedicated to shaping men from all walks of life into the prophets, priests and kings that God has called them to become. KDC men, guided by the Holy Spirit and subject to the deity of Jesus Christ, learn to discover their God appointed destiny and purpose in the Kingdom.


Nursery Ministry
The Nursery Ministry provides a safe and loving environment for infants in a Christ-centered atmosphere while their parents worship.

Outreach is KDC at work in God’s name, stretching out to meet the needs of the community through activities to show the love of God.  


Parking Lot
This ministry serves outdoors in the parking lot, directing our worshippers as they begin their Sunday morning at KDC.  As a good neighbor, we respect the other businesses that share the lot and arrange the parking with this in mind.


Perfect Preparation
The purpose of the church cleaning ministry is to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of all indoor areas of the church.


Praise & Worship
The Music Ministry exists at KDC to magnify the greatness and goodness of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, skillfully combining the Word of God and music so that the gathered church is motivated to proclaim the gospel, cherish God’s presence and live for His glory.


KDC’s Radio Ministry is responsible for creating and maintaining our radio presence.  Their goal is to provide encouragement and Biblical insights through music and the spoken word.  Pastoral messages are heard Monday through Friday on WIGO 1570 AM at 8:45am and WAEC 860 AM at 10:45am.  Music and messages are also heard on KDC’s internet radio, accessed from the KDC website.


RETRO is our college aged young adult ministry, led by the Holy Spirit, seeking to provide spiritual nourishment, inspiration and guidance to ages 18 to 25.


Our security team has an unseen presence and monitors various aspects of the church via people and video surveillance.


Sight Ministry
This ministry produces background images for all visual representations including that which supports announcements and scriptural presentations.


Sound Ministry
The sound ministry is responsible for the KDC sound systems, microphones, speakers and such while recognizing the importance sound plays during services. 


Toddler Ministry
The toddler’s ministry cares for and ministers to children ages 14 months to 5 years. With the use of songs, music, videos, workbooks, games, and toys; the toddlers are taught worship, fellowship, bible verses and stories at a level that is easy for them to understand and in an environment where it is okay for a kid to be a kid.


Usher Ministry
The usher team serves the people by facilitating orderly and hospitable seating arrangements for each guest.   KDC ushers ensure that every guest and member feel welcome and comfortable in our worship service. 


Walker’s Ministry
This ministry serves our little believers who have just started to walk (approx. ages 11-14 months).  In their dedicated space, Walkers explore and use games, books, and toys and learn more about Jesus.


Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry of KDC exists to equip and encourage women to know and obey biblical truth with the goal of glorifying God in our daily lives. This ministry group provides training, discipleship, encouragement, fellowship and “God’s Girls”. Ministry
Business-minded Christ-centered entrepreneurs share the love of God into their business endeavors. Their goal is to equip Christians to thrive spiritually and financially in the marketplace by promoting and teaching how to execute business best practices built on Biblical principles. Godly business leaders are inspired and equipped to activate their gifts, find their niche, and advance God’s Kingdom through, engagement, equipping and empowerment.